This is a subjective ranking list of the flashlights that I have used and handled over the years. Why a grading scale? I think it’s important to establish what’s good and what isn’t. Not only do I get to streamline my own opinions, but you also don’t have to sort through all my reviews individually. My criteria for assessment is based upon several factors:

Additional Parameters

There is often a large, functional/price differential between budget flashlights and custom flashlights. I take into account price and design intention so as to null this disparity. 

Assessment is devoid of things like maker’s warranty and reputation. The best warranty is the one you never have to use, and a warranty is only as good as the manufacturer that backs it. In the event that a manufacturer goes out of business, a lifetime warranty is effectively void. All that said, there’s no way for me to fairly scale a warranty or reputation. 

Value Scale

★ Worth the price.

★★ Redefines the price bracket. 

★★★ Revolutionary. 

Stars are awarded cumulatively – so in order to be considered for two stars, a torch must already have one. 

Some general disclaimers: 

These rankings can change – I’m one guy on the internet, and I’m not perfect. So please don’t be offended if your favorite torch doesn’t grade as highly as you’d like (or vice versa). A ranking list like this is ultimately a reflection of my own, personal preferences and isn’t indicative of the population as a whole (sample size n=1). 

My rankings are based upon the particular samples that I have owned and handled. I cannot account for manufacturer quality control, and there is no guarantee that A/B are the exact same. A good example of this is LEDs. Between different bins, and even in the same bin of LEDs, there exists a large margin for discrepancy.

This list is meant to be used as a reference point only. I highly advise against impulse buying, and I suggest doing your due diligence before plonking down your hard-earned cash.

You can view the spreadsheet directly here. Or just zoom-in on your device. Sorry it’s so small!

Updated 6/22/20

The idea to rank flashlights on a letter-grade scale was inspired by Crinacle’s IEM and Earphones Ranking List.