Frelux Synergy 2 [First Impressions]

What follows are my impressions upon receiving my Frelux Synergy 2. Nothing I say here is final, and it often takes me a few weeks to reify my thoughts, especially with a light that has a unique design like this.

The Explicit

What I was most surprised by was the size of the Synergy 2. It’s significantly bigger than the original Synergy, and even larger than my 18350 flashlights. Perhaps I should have expected this somewhat considering that it uses two AA batteries, but it was a shocker to see nonetheless.

My particular model appeared to be somewhat finicky with standard alkaline batteries. I got into contact with Benjamin, and we came to the conclusion that it might be a combination of both the driver “reset” with 1.5v batteries and the RPP board. It seems that a couple other customers have had the same issue with standard alkalines. But everything seems to be working in order now, and I’ll have some Eneloops and 14500s on the way to test soon.

The not-good stuff out of the way, the design and execution of the Synergy 2 is good. Two prime examples of this are the adjustable clip and the switch lockout. Both of them, mechanically, are very simple yet there is a certain level of refinement to them. This elegance can be extended to the driver firmware itself. It functions akin to the FW3A, just a lot cleaner. While I very much enjoyed the premise of the FW3A’s ramping UI, it felt hampered by what I refer to as “flashlight bloatware”. That is to say, the UI sheet gave me an aneurysm every time I looked at it.

The Implicit

Some people have suggested that this flashlight is a “game changer” or that it will disrupt the market. Others have called it a poor man’s Cool-Fall Spy. But personally, I don’t think it’s any of those. The price is set too high for most budget-aficionados to justify unlike the Synergy 1, and the main selling point is not the UI – which can be found in lights like the FW3A, D4, and KR4 (albeit heavily bloated) – but rather the unique bodily design.

Comparing this to the Spy is like comparing apples and oranges, and more than anything, I think this simply represents taking the original Synergy design to the next level. Is the Synergy 2 a bargain amongst customs? Yes, it certainly is, just like it’s predecessor. And it’s way more advanced than most customs too. It will find respect amongst more mature collectors, but I don’t think it will become the runaway hit that it should be because of the state of preferences in the custom world.

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