DUNU Lineup (Luna, DK-2001, DK-3001 Pro) Review

The Verdict

The DUNU line-up has been rather hit-or-miss for me. I like that they’re trying to switch it up, but sometimes playing it safe is the better ploy like they did with the DK-3001 Pro. My scoring will reflect this. After all, I do try to maintain some semblance of impartialness when scoring.

As I’ve stated time and time again, though, objective reviewing does not exist. To this effect, I really like DUNU as a company. The audio industry moves fast, and you don’t survive as long as DUNU has without doing something right. One of the first things Tom of DUNU told me was “Don’t be nice for the heck of it – I know beforehand you probably won’t be into the Luna’s sound”. Know what that is? Honesty. It’s a beautiful thing, and knowing that I don’t have to be shy about my thoughts, my opinion, is more than I could ask for. More importantly, it’s great to see that DUNU’s not content to rest on their laurels. If I had a “recommended” manufacturers list, you can bet DUNU would be on it.

Before you freak out about my scoring, I don’t use some silly grading scale that only spans from 8.5 to 10. Please see here for my testing methodology, grading breakdown, and more.

DK-20015/10 (Good)Surprisingly good technical chops, but held back by an unconventional tuning that some will find fatiguing. Squeaks by with a “good” score.
DK-3001 Pro5.5/10 (Good)Although lacking in technicalities, its tonality is quite agreeable, enough to merit it a slightly better than “good” score.
Luna4.5/10 (Decent)Carried by its strong technical performance, otherwise a major pass due to a plethora tonal quirks.

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