My reviews have a strong practical emphasis. Things don’t always translate nicely from paper to real life, and that’s just a fact. But measurements are useful for establishing objectivity and they have their place, so I’ll try to also tie in some solid measurements to back up my opinions. It’s all about striking that balance.

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With the implementation of my grading system, I’m working through a backlog of old reviews to bring them up-to-date. 

In-testing and soon to be published:

CRK Sebenza 21 Small

Audio Reviews

Testing Methodology and More

64audio U12t

Apple AirPods Pro

Fearless Audio S8 Pro

Moondrop Blessing 2 

Moondrop SSR

Sony IER-Z1R

Thieaudio Legacy 3

Thieaudio Legacy 9

Flashlight Reviews

Barrel Flashlight Co. M2JN

BLF/Lumintop FW3A

CWF/Ti2 Design Pele

Elzetta Flashlights Review 

Foursevens Mini MK. II 

Frelux Synergy1 

Frelux Synergy2

Gyorgy Kemene’s Omicron (Updated)

Gyorgy Kemene’s Omicron 3-Month Review (Real-World Usage)

Gyorgy Kemene’s Nucleus Necklight 

HDS Systems Executive 

HDS Systems Rotary (Updated)

Joseph Thompson Mini Mk. II Turbo 

Lux-RC Minion R1   

McGizmo Haiku

Mechforce Mechtorch

Muyshondt Aeon Mk. III 

Nitecore TIP 2

Okluma DC1 Aluminum 

Oveready BOSS 35 

Prometheus Lights Alpha Custom 

Rovyvon A8U

Rovyvon A2x/A3x

Surefire E1E

Surefire P2X Fury (Five Years Later)

Surefire Stiletto

Surefire Titan Plus 

Veleno Designs Quantum Ti 38DD 

Gyorgy Kemene’s Omicron (original review)

HDS Systems Rotary (original review)

Headlamp Reviews

Surefire Minimus

Knife Reviews

Benchmade Bugout 

Pen Reviews

Fellhoelter TiBolt Deluxe 

Fellhoelter TiNy Bolt Deluxe 

Nottingham Tactical Pen (Titanium)

Nottingham Tactical G2 Mini Pen 

Prometheus Writes Alpha (Electroless Nickel) 

TiScribe Bolt-Action Pen V2 

Wallet Reviews

Dango D01 Dapper/T01 Tactical 

EDC Stuff

EDC and Reliability: 5 Things to Remember 

Understanding the Custom Flashlight World

How to Choose an EDC Flashlight (Basic Guide)

Buy Once, Cry Once and Other Problems with the EDC Hobby

Gear Reviews

Triple Aught Design CP1 (2018 Version)

GoRuck GR1 (1-Year Review)